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Roll of Honour
Gallantry Awards
Sword of Honour
Course Appointment Name Date of POP
WSES-1 CUO Anjana Bhadoria March 1993
WSES-2 SUO Shalini Unmanyu August 1993
WSES-3 SUO Priti Dutta March 1994
WSES-4 JUO Punita Poonia August 1994
WSES-5 SUO Kapil Choudhary March 1995
WSES-6 JUO Renu Nautiyal August 1995
WSES-7 SUO Vinod Desai March 1996
WSES-8 SUO Ruchi Sharma August 1996
WSES-9 SUO Vanitha Dhaka March 1997
WSES-10 SUO Kavitha Deswal September 1997
WSES-11 SUO Anubandna Jaggi March 1998
WSES-12 SUO Sonal Sharada September 1998
WSES-13 SUO Vinisha Subraminian March 1999
WSES-14 JUO Sapna Alva September 1999
WSES (O)-15 SUO Shalini Bhaduri March 2000
WSES (O)-16 SUO Rupinder Kaur September 2000
WSES (O)-17 SUO Samika Shivran March 2001
WSES (O)-18 SUO Reema Sobti September 2001
WSES (O)-19 SUO Manul Singh March 2002
WSES (O)-20 SUO Harneet Reen September 2002
WSES (O)-21 SUO Rupinder Kaur March 2003
WSES (O)-22 SUO Pramila Mohite September 2003
WSES (O)-23 AUO Rashmi Narayan March 2004
WSES (O)-24 SUO Vidya Nair September 2004
WSES (O)-25 SUO Arshpreet March 2005
WSES (O)-26 SUO Pragya Painuly September 2005
WSES (O)-27 SUO Neelam Rathee March 2006
WSES (O)-28 SUO Isha Yadav September 2006
WSES (O)-29 SUO Anupreksha March 2007
WSES (O)-30 SUO Vartika Kushwah September 2007
WSES (O)-21 SUO Preeti Punia March 2007
SSC-85 AUO Sumer Singh March 2008
WSES (O)-31 SUO Preeti Poonia March 2008
SSC-86 ACA Sindhu September 2008
SSC(W)-01 BUO Shikha Bhadauria March 2009
Course Appointment Name Date of POP
SSC-08 SUO RR Kapoor March 1970
SSC-09 SUO NJS Pannu September 1970
SSC-10 SUO Vidyotam Hansen March 1971
SSC-11 SUO Brij Raj Singh August 1971
SSC-13 SUO Harpal Singh Pannu  
SSC-14 SUO Govind Srinivasan December 1972
SSC-15 SUO HG Adisare April 1973
SSC-16 SUO HPS Dhillon October 1973
SSC-17 SUO RS Mann March 1974
SSC-18 SUO K Sampath September 1974
SSC-19 BUO NS Pathania March 1975
SSC-20 SCA KSS Gualria August 1975
SSC-21 SCA MGS Nagi March 1976
SSC-22 SCA Anil Talwar September 1976
SSC-23 SUO DS Katakoti March 1977
SSC-24 SUO Prithvi Raj Singh September 1977
SSC-25 BUO Nar Bahadur Pradhan March 1978
SSC-26 SUO Rakesh Chadda September 1978
SSC-27 SUO Satish Kumar Sharma March 1979
SSC-28 SUO SS Bisht August 1979
SSC-29 SUO MMP Singh March 1980
SSC-30 SUO Lalit Panda August 1980
SSC-31 BUO Robin K Cherian March 1981
SSC-32 SCA Suresh Kumar August 1981
SSC-33 SUO SC Katoch March 1982
SSC-34 SUO Glenn Clifford Gomez August 1982
SSC-35 SUO GR Mrkshanandam March 1983
SSC-36 SUO Bharat Bhushan Bhatt August 1983
SSC-37 BUO Mathew George March 1984
SSC-38 SUO AS Dabolkar August 1984
SSC-39 SUO SS Raghav March 1985
SSC-40 SUO Robin Fernandes August 1985
SSC-41 SUO Rakesh Chaudhary March 1986
SSC-42 SUO Sunil Kumar August 1986
SSC-43 SUO VS Rathore March 1987
SSC-44 SUO VS Rawat September 1987
SSC-45 AUO Jagmohan Singh March 1988
SSC-46 AUO Birender Singh August 1988
SSC-47 AUO Siddharth Jain March 1989
SSC-48 AUO IVS Dagar August 1989
SSC-49 AUO PS Grewal March 1990
SSC-50 AUO Unni Gopal Krishnan August 1990
SSC-51 BUO Kimanshu Rai March 1991
SSC-52 AUO VS Bhambhu August 1991
SSC-53 AUO Ananda Kumar March 1992
SSC-54 ACA MK Hudda August 1992
SSC-55 AUO Sandeep Chahal March 1993
SSC-56 AUO RN Rajesh August 1993
SSC-57 ACA Vinod Kumar Gahlot March 1994
SSC-58 AUO SS Rathore August 1994
SSC-59 AUO Prem Kumar Tiwari March 1995
SSC-60 AUO NS Chauhan August 1995
SSC-61 AUO Pankaj Ghildiyal March 1996
SSC-62 Not Awarded   August 1996
SSC-63 AUO Shakeel Ahmed March 1997
SSC-64 AUO Guru Pawan Singh September 1997
SSC-65 AUO Navil Jude Beecham March 1998
SSC-66 BUO Akshay Kumar September 1998
SSC-67 AUO Rajput Ravinder Singh March 1999
SSC-68 BCA Kirshnadas TR September 1999
SSC-69 SUO Vijay Godara March 2000
SSC-70 AUO Abhishek Singh September 2000
SSC-71 AUO T. Sashi Dharan March 2001
SSC-72 ACA V.K. Singh September 2001
SSC-73 AUO Pankaj Maithani March 2002
SSC-74 AUO Ayon Chaudhuri September 2002
SSC-75 BCA Shamsher Singh Pannu March 2003
SSC-76 AUO SB Sonawane September 2003
SSC-77 SUO Prashant Sirkek March 2004
SSC-78 AUO Manish Kumar Lohan September 2004
SSC-79 AUO Rahul Bharti March 2005
SSC-80 ACA Vijeyandra Singh Yadav September 2005
SSC-81 AUO Amrit Pal Singh March 2006
SSC-82 AUO G Dangmei September 2006
SSC-83 AUO SS Bisht March 2007
SSC-84 ACA AS Aulakh September 2007
SSC-85 ACA Anshuman Patil March 2008
SSC-86 AUO Arvinder Singh September 2008
SSC-87 AUO Prashant Pillai March 2009
Course Appointment Name Date of POP
SSC-85 ACA Anshuman Patil March 2008
WSES (O)-31 SUO Priyadarshini March 2008
SSC-86 AUO Arvinder Singh September 2008
SSC-87 AUO Prashant Pillai March 2009
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